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I saw this and io just

soo i was browsing tumblr and i come about a pic of my favorite band B.A.P
right everyone is there all my babys lookin good-
then i see zelo
and i FLIP
oh baby why you look like a constipated turtle


List one: Kdrama

There are sooo many kdramas i need to see. Currently im working on dream high and shut up flower boy band. There in no particular order
  1. Boys before Flowers (ahh i still need to watch this one! its been on my list for a while)
  2. Roof Top Prince (ive read a couple of reviews and it seems really good)
  3. To the Beautiful You (i actually really love the manga of Hana Kimi and so when i found out about the k drama version i had to give it a try
  4. Coffee House
  5. Bad Family
  6. My Princess (seemed interesting, thats my only reason for wanting to see it and that i like princesses)
  7. 49 days ( i love stories like this where people are given a 2nd chance on life)
  8. Can You Hear My Heart (seemed good)
  9. Baby Faced Beauty
  10. The Innocent man (i might have seen one or two episodes of this before and i really liked it. i read the synopsis of the series and i think its it so ill give it a try)
  11. Greatest Love
  12. Flower Boy Ramyun shop
  13. My name is Kim Sam Soon
  14. Prosecutor Princess
Il propbably add more later. I'm slow at posting, id much rather see what other people are doing so i guess i wont post as much as i like. My next post will be a loli wishlist!


lists, lists, lists!

I have tons of things i want to do but i never l get the time, One of those things was make lists of things I want, things I want to do/read/watch and and places I want to be at. Soo I will make a few list every few days.This is more for myself than anyone else actually so I can keep track of things. I'll try to post the first list tomorrow!

ps: there will be a list of anime i want to watch or finish!

Aug. 26th, 2012

Hi my name is Simone! This is my first LJ post, and I am totally new to JL. My blog will be primarily about my experience in a art high school, learning about lolita, and my growth as an artist. I will post about my day & any pieces I’ve worked on. I LOVE lolita and I’ll create coords to anyone who asks. That's the basic intro to my blog, just ask if you have any questions.


Today is the last day of summer! I start school tomorrow, and I am sooo excited! Today, me and my mom (and my step brother and his mom) went and bought a huge amount of art supplies, almost everything that was on the list my school provided. It was pretty cool. In general today was pretty sweet except my half brother left to go back to LA today (i'll missss youu gabyyyyyy :'(((((((( ). I'd give it a 3 out of 5.


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